Designed to quickly analyse the potential rent of a retail property

The Zone A Quick Calculator allows anybody working in the UK Retail Sector to quickly analyse the potential rent from a property, either working from a Zone A Rate to a final rent or vice-versa.

You can analyse using a zoning (ITZA) or overall model - even the most complex retail analysis can be captured.

The calculator allows you to see the impact of allowances, disabilities, incentives such as rent free or capital contributions and different amortisation periods.

You can then save your calculations to a file, print them as a retail comparable sheet, or export them to PDF or Excel.

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Roy Somerston
James Andrew International

Excellent – it addresses a real need in the market… it’s now my default program for retail devaluation.

Nigel Rand
Rand Surveyors

The Zone A Calculator has quickly become invaluable to the firm – it makes these often complex calculations really straightforward and flexible. I think every retail surveyor should have a copy!

Faster than a spreadsheet

Our wizard-based approach means you can quickly create the template you need. Simply specify how many zones, how much ancillary space and how many adjustments or disabilities you need - and it will be created for you.

Then just fill in the numbers. You'll be amazed at how much quicker it is than any other method.

If you need to change the number of zones or any other element, that's fine - add or delete as many rows as you need.

ZAC Screenshot 3

Industry tested

We've spent more time locked away with Retail Surveyors than we care to admit - making sure that every scenario is catered for.

It's used in over a dozen leading retail agency firms and we've incorporated all of their feedback to provide a tool that really does work the way you do.

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